Top 7 Special Effects Makeup Artists to Gather Inspiration & Ideas from

Special Effects Makeup

Isn’t special effects makeup amazing? From blood and gore through to fairy-tale princess, the power special effects makeup has to transform anyone’s appearance is simply magical. Whether you’re using fake blood, prosthetics or modelling clay, the power literally is in your hands! When seeking inspiration for the makeup to wear for Halloween, a themed corporate party or a masked ball, you can’t do better than to learn from the masters themselves. We’ve put together a list of who we believe are experts in special effects makeup for you to check out.

5 Expert Special Effects Makeup Artists

There are plenty of wonderful SFX makeup artists, both amateur and professional. But when you are just learning how to apply SFX makeup, it can be tricky to know the dos and don’ts. That’s when you can’t go past copying what the pros have done and here are five master SFX artists for you to check out.


Image: Jack Pierce, creator of the famous Frankenstein

  1. Dick Smith – with over half a century of experience, Dick has worked on characters in The Godfather series, The Exorcist and Miracle on 34th Known as the pioneer of prosthetics, he created amazing SFX character makeup.
  2. Ed French – Ed started out with doing a lot of blood and gore characters, before moving onto different areas. He is known for having done the FX makeup for films such as Terminator Salvation, plus tv shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural.
  3. Kevin Yagher – with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Mission Impossible 2 behind his belt, Kevin is a well-known special effects makeup artist to copy techniques from.
  4. Jack Pierce – the artist who created Frankenstein, The Mummy and The Wolfman, is credited with helping stop Universal Studios bankruptcy. A true legend in the SFX industry.
  5. Carlo Rambaldi – if you’ve ever wondered who created E.T’s appearance, look no further than Carlo. He first cut his teeth on shoestring films before moving onto King Kong, Alien and of course, E.T.


Image: Carlo Rambaldi, sketches from the iconic creation E.T

Tools of Special Effects Makeup

To create mind-blowingly amazing FX makeup, you need two things: inspiration (which you can get from the above five masters) and the right tools. Our online SFX makeup shop stocks the brushes, bloods, sealers and barriers, sprays and of course, the modelling clays and waxes needed for the job.  Make sure you visit our SFX makeup shop to order your supplies today.