My Top 5 Professional Face Painting and Body Painting Supplies

  1. Wolfe FX White & Black
    I love the paint quality, vibrancy and consistency of the Wolfe White & Black. It allows for beautifully controlled, flowing lines. The Wolfe White can be used either as a base by using a small amount of product on a sponge but it can also be used for opaque line-work that sits well. It does not become transparent when used on darker bases. I used these techniques for the fine white detail work on the body painted image below – what do you think?

    Inline image 1

    Fine dots can also be added using the Wolfe White – allow for this is to use the paint as a ‘slurry’ or thickened up.The Wolfe Black is bold, solid and opaque. Full Black bases can be achieved using the Wolfe FX Black. This paint can be added in layers, one over the other without upsetting or pulling off the paint layer underneath. I used this on the Pilot Uniforms painted for our clients attending the Auckland Nines. We used a Kabuki Brush for application.

  2. Kabuki Brush

    I love Kabuki Brushes, they allow for quick body paint coverage with no hassle and no mess, unlike an airbrush. I also find the Kabuki Bruhses can cover a larger area of body, quickly in a short amount of time than a regular airbrush. I love the ones stocked in our web shop as they are thick, dense brushes with soft bristles, meaning they can hold and load a ton of paint. These brushes have longer handles than your average Kabuki brush and I find them easier to hold than the short stubby ones. I used these on the base work for the body painted suits for the guys; image below.I find the trick to using Kabuki brushes is loading up your brush with a lot of paint and a decent amount of water. If it glides on the paint, it will glide onto the body. Use the Kabuki brush in firm circular motions to achieve the best, streak-free, opaque coverage.Inline image 2

  3. Mark Reid Brushes

    A new favorite of mine and a new product on our online store. I love the two-toned effect of these brushes. Really strong, firm bristles on brushes allow for greater control of your line work.I can’t stress enough “It doesn’t matter about the size of your brush, a large good quality brush should allow you to achieve the finest line-work. You should be able to swap from bold thick lines, to the finest of swirls using a great brush.”A great example of controlled, fine line work on the image below – still one of my absolute fave makeups to date!

    Inline image 6

  4. BAM Stencils

    I love BAM (Bad Ass Mini Stencils). Firstly, how cool is the branding? They are made from a thin, durable Mylar material, that are tear-proof and last for years! Water-based body paint wipes off with a baby wipe or damp towel. For the harder to clean paints like the MAC Airbrush silicone-water body paints (another fave!), I use either the Mac cleaning solution or for a cheaper alternative, Isopropyl Alcohol (soak for 10 seconds for easier removal). This works a treat and doesn’t damage the stencils.I generally use stencils to add texture or ‘fill in the gaps.’ Stencils create the illusion of layers and multiple tones. I love that they are so easy to use. I like using mine with dense, thick sponges and a small amount of water or with an airbrush. Make sure your stencils and bases are completely dry to avoid the transfer or upset of any paint. BAM stencils are a great time-saver for those stressful moments, when time isn’t on your side or to get through a large crowd of people.

    Inline image 5

  5. Mehron Metallic Powders & Mixing Liquid

Mehron Metallic Powers are vibrant and amazing, they come in 6 different shades: Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Lavendar & Rose. The Gold and Silver are must-haves in any makeup artist’s or body painter’s kit and are great for out-of-kit and last-minute metallic effects!

I love the ‘staying power’ of this product when used with the Mehron Mixing liquid. It makes the powder into liquid, metallic paint and it’s fascinating just to watch. Trust me, you will love painting with this! I love the consistency of this product and you can control how transparent or opaque your work will be with how much mixing liquid vs metallic powder you use.

The powders can also be used as dramatic eye-shadows or highlights on their own.

The Metallic powders & mixing liquid are great to paint with over black bases. They don’t mix-in or dull when placed on top of darker bases. Images of them used for line work with pointed brushes, as well as base work (with Kabuki brushes) are below.

Inline image 3

Inline image 4

Happy Painting!
Sam @ The Magic Brush Shop