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Beginners Guide to Using Prosthetic Makeup

prosthetic makeup

Prosthetic makeup, also knowns as SFX makeup, transforms the appearance of an individual by adding new features to their body. From horns to zombie teeth, prosthetic makeup is usually made of latex, silicone or a soft plastic material. Applying prosthetics is an artform and challenges even the most professional FX makeup artists. However, with practice, […]

Top 7 Special Effects Makeup Artists to Gather Inspiration & Ideas from

Special Effects Makeup

Isn’t special effects makeup amazing? From blood and gore through to fairy-tale princess, the power special effects makeup has to transform anyone’s appearance is simply magical. Whether you’re using fake blood, prosthetics or modelling clay, the power literally is in your hands! When seeking inspiration for the makeup to wear for Halloween, a themed corporate […]

The Magic Brush Halloween Prosthetics

We are excited to announce The Magic Brush’s new range of Prosthetics – great for your Halloween costumes!Do It Yourself Halloween and Costume Makeup effects at your fingertips! Our prosthetics can be used on the face and body. They are easy to apply and you can purchase pre-painted or in a pack! Just select your […]