Our Secrets to Preparing for a Professional Competition in Face Painting & Body Painting

Here’s an image of our work from The World Body Painting Festival in Austria, 2015
Theme – Games People Play, Category – Special FX Makeup – 7th Place
Artist – Samantha Fernandes, Model – Samantha Rebecca Krauchi
Photographer – Andrea Peria

So you’ve just come out of Makeup school and you want to take part in your first Face Art or Body Art Competition? The prizes look enticing and the recognition towards your work is an exciting concept. Now to plan what you are actually going to paint, without all that much training and without looking like a total newbie. Let us share our secret recipes for success with you!

Looking like a Professional Face Painter or Body Painter when you don’t know what you are doing can be a challenge. You need to research, reference photos, plan colour combinations and your design outlay so you know what you are painting on the big day.

Firstly, let’s talk concept for professional face & body art; 

  • What is the theme and how to you interpret this?
  • Have you looked at the quality of face art or body art in previous years and competitions?
  • Brainstorm ideas and talk to other people re. their views.
  • What is your intuitive direction? What about colours and combination based on your original vision?
  • What is your personal relation to the theme? How does this affect your life or influence you?
  • How does this reflect in your way of thinking and your life philosophy?
  • What emotions does this theme evoke in you? And how can you evoke these feelings in others?


Here’s an image of our work from The NZ Body Art Awards 2012 
Theme – The Future
Artist – Samantha Fernandes, Assistant – Heather Vette, Model – Sam Lowndes
Photographer – Cactus Photography

Secondly, let’s think about composition for face painting and body painting;

  • Think about the shape of your model and the ideas you want to portray on their body.
  • Always think about the curves and shapes of the human body – how can you incorporate this into your design?
  • What is your area of focus?
  • Think about the chakra points on the body; feet, sexual organ, heart and head – did you want to emphasize any of this? These areas can draw the eye in when face painting or body painting.
  • What about symmetery or geometery in your design? Think about balance.What is your model like – their charisma and appearance?


Image demonstrating a variety of techniques and painting ideas using various materials

Thirdly, let’s talk about kit must-haves – every face painter and body painter’s must haves;

  • Wolfe FX white and black – great for beautiful line work.
  • Airbrush cleaning kit – using an airbrush? This is the perfect kit to help unclog and unblock those airbrushes quickly and efficiently!
  • Brush Egg Cleaners – great for keeping your brushes clean so your painting doesn’t get muddy and great to clean your brushes thoroughly after the event.
  • Mehron Mixing powders and mixing liquid – Beautiful metallic liquid effects, these are a must have – the mixing liquid turns these powders into liquid metal and are bright, vivid and smudge proof!
  • Mehron Starblend shading powder – Every design needs a bit of depth. These shading powders don’t remove your paint underneath but add depth to your designs.


In conclusion, let us share a few tricks up our sleeve to help you survive the big day;
The day will consist of 5-6 hours of painting and then show time, it’s a long day!

  • Make the well-being of your model your number one priority!
  • Ensure you and your model are well fed and hydrated.
  • Take lots of short breaks and pop outside for a bit of fresh air.
  • Get your model to keep moving and don’t let them lock their knees when standing to reduce the likeliness of them passing out.

Most importantly – remember to have fun! It’s all about passion, it will show in your work!

We look forward to seeing you at the next Body Art Awards!

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