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Introducing the Scarecrow Small Custom Fangs, these fangs has been specially designed for people with smaller teeth. Small Custom Fangs have a quick and simple application process as well as being extremely comfortable and realistic. The fang caps are coloured, beautifully finished and contoured for a shiny yet natural look. Customization only ever needs to be done once and is fast, simple and on-the-spot. Everything you need is included with this product and no extra equipment or boiling water is needed. Small Custom Fangs fit securely but can be put on and taken off in an instant. Scarecrow Small Custom Fangs will give you a high quality and realistic look.


How to apply the Scarecrow Small Custom Fangs

  • POSITION: Find out where to place your fangs. For pointed canines or triangular shaped teeth you may need to try the fangs on your incisors instead of your canines. Use a mirror to help you find the best fit for your first fang, check the front and back as well as both sides to make sure your fang is on the correct angle. Try practicing taking the fang in and out in a single smooth motion for a quick and easy application once the mixture is inside.

  • MIX: Twist just one capsule of powder apart. Tip both ends of each side of the capsule into the carry case and make sure the capsule is completely empty. Slightly tilt your carry case so that all the powder collects at one edge. Now snap the tip off the bottle and squeeze 4 drops of liquid onto the powder. Stir the solution with the wide end of the wooden spoon for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until the mixture is consistent in texture. Your mixture should now be thick and pasty, with the consistency of toothpaste. Make sure to keep your mixture in a blob at the edge of the case to avoid wasting any,

  • FIT YOUR FIRST FANG: Now is the time for you to fit your first fang. Scrape all of your mixture from the case and onto the inside walls of your first fang but not into the deep part of the fang cavity. Now it's time to gently push the fang all of the way up on your first tooth. Locate the fang into the best possible position in one motion for best results. Push your fang gently against the front side of your tooth so that it makes good contact on the top and looks as natural as possible. Try not to move the fang in any way once it is correctly positioned on your tooth. The mixture will squeeze out of the edges of the fang and into the gaps in between your teeth. This completely normal, in fact the more excess mixture in between your teeth, the better your fang will fit.

  • WAIT: Now you have to be patient. Hold onto the fang, flare out your lips and tilt your head back.Set a timer or keep an eye on the clock for five minutes until the mixture hardens. Don't try to start the other fang until your five minutes have passed, This is important in case you accidentally loosen your first fang before it has set. Do not try to remove your first fang yet,

  • FIT YOUR SECOND FANG: Now, just like the first fang practice positioning your second fang until you can insert it in one smooth movement without having to do any re-positioning. Make sure your second fang is on a similar angle to your first fang and looks just as good and natural.Please keep in mind that your teeth will not be perfectly symmetrical so the fangs may fit slightly differently between your right and left teeth.Still leaving the first fang in place repeat steps 2,3 and 4 for your second fang. Wait 10 to 15 more minutes after customizing and fitting both fangs as to allow the mixture in the second fang to set completely.

  • REMOVE: The mixture continues to harden for up to 24 hours, therefore do not leave fangs in over night, take them both out after 15 minutes. To remove simply lightly push your lower teeth forward against the back of the tips of the fangs, You should eventually hear a small click, your fang is starting to come off, Now grip the top of the fang and pull or wiggle gently. Make sure you are pulling from the edge of the mixture not the fang cap so that the two do not separate. Once removed your fangs should now slide easily on and off whilst maintaining a snug and secure fit. Do not trim off any excess mixture at the back, this is what helps the material stick to the fang cap. You may trim the excess that sticks out the front of the fang, you can use a nail clipper to do this. In some circumstances the fangs may be positioned well but not tight enough.If this is the case use a single capsule to re-customize one or both of the fangs over the hardened material for more of a snug fit.