Bloody Fright Fangs

Scarecrow Economy Bloody Fright Fangs

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Introducing Scarecrow Bloody Fright Fangs, a non-customizing and economical alternative to the Classic Size Fangs. The Scarecrow Bloody Fright Fangs are easy to use and come with a single use denture adhesive paper. The Fang caps on these Fangs are the same size as the Classic Size Fangs, although please know that the finish and colour is not as eye-catching and the Bloody Fright Fangs do not custom-mold to your teeth.


How to apply your Bloody Fright Fangs

  1. Cut a piece of adhesive, you can do this by tracing the template located on the back of the package.

  2. Fold and slide adhesive into the fang cap with the short side against the back of the cap, make sure to poke the adhesive right into the cavity of the fang cap.

  3. Dampen the adhesive with a drop of water and push onto desired teeth. These fang caps can be used on any teeth top or bottom, left or right side.

  4. Press down firmly and hold fang cap for 10 seconds.

  5. To get the full Bloody Fright Fang look place the capsule in between your cheek and teeth. Bite down on the capsule to allow the blood to flow.