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Pro-tac Prosthetic Adhesive - SFX

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Pro-tac Prosthetic Adhesive

Pro-tac is a professional medical prosthetic adhesive used worldwide in the special effects makeup industry and is specifically formulated to be non-irritating and soft on sensitive skin, it is a water based product and completely safe. Once dry the adhesive gives a completely waterproof bond on all skin types!

The Magic brush sells both:

50ml Bottles
10ml Bottles

To remove you can use either isopropal alcohol of for a softer on the skin option would be isopropal myrastate. Shaving foam can also be used as a removal option however is allot messier and not necessarily a faster removal option but does still work.

TIP: Make sure the pro-tac is applied to both the skin and the prosthetic and is completely dry before sticking down, now it will last all day day and night, however sweating can shorten the lasting time.