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Diamond FX sponge

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Diamond FX Blue face painting sponge (formerly green sponge) is a great tool for face paint coverage, quickly and effectively.

Using this sponge will ensure a streak-free application. If you prefer a softer touch yet a firmness to hold the paint in your sponge, this is the product for you!!

This face painting sponge feels soft on the skin yet it slightly firmer than other sponges which allows for good control when getting in corners and making edges.


The face painting sponge by Diamond FX is an essential tool in any face painter's kit - from beginner artist through to professional.
Blending is a breeze using these sponges and they are cheap enough to throw away when they start looking a bit worse for wear.

Diameter 2 3/4" and about 1" thick.
We recommend cutting this sponge in halves or quarters to get maximum value. By doing this, you are also able to use the face painting sponge in a variety of applications from one strokes, fun strokes through to rainbow cakes. Use one sponge per child to ensure a hygenic application every time.

By cutting the face painting DFX sponge, you also create shapes for easy maneuvering. Squeeze the sponge to get into those hard to reach areas of the face.

NEW for Diamond FX, sponges for paint application. Individual Round facial sponge great for applying a lot of paint over a big area very quickly.

For use -
Wet sponge or paint using spray atomizer bottle and dab sponge into paint.
Sponge can be used by wiping across the skin in a light swift motion or dabbing to achieve blending.
By using this sponge correctly, without excess water (squeeze out if necessary), you should achieve even coverage and a thin application of paint every time.
Paint should be left to dry before sponging a stencil on top or using a brush to apply detail to design to your face paint.

Cleaning tips -
Our sponges are easy to clean with soap and water. Or pop into the washing machine on a gentle 15 minute rinse cycle. Add a few drops of dettol into your wash to kill any bacteria and sanitize.
After washing, air sponges out to dry thoroughly to keep them hygienic and bacteria free!
Storage - ensure sponges are stored in a breathable bag so they remain dry.