Disposable Stipple Sponges

Bag of Disposable Stipple Sponges

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Bag of disposable stipple sponges

Multi-purpose stipple sponges are great for things like stippling latex or pros-aid on your edges where you are unable to clean the product out, don't want to be throwing away your good sponges! Also great for textures like bruising, beard stubble, alien skin etc.

The bags are packaged by weight as the sponges are all varied in size and shapes. Some are ripped, some are cut for varied purposes.
Approx 15-20 sponges per bag.

Bag weight: 12g

Bag size: 17cm W
18cm H

Other sponge options: - Diamond FX Sponge (great for face paints)
- Black SFX Stipple Sponge