We Are Passionate About The World of Makeup, Practice Makes Perfect!

Here at The Magic Brush, we are passionate about the world of makeup, the universe of transformations. The art of transforming people into characters. The crazier the better, we love bizarre and ridiculous makeups! Just let your imagination run wild!

We are the best people in the business to run the online shop, we are artists passionate about our trade. We use of the products we stock online and we stand by their quality 100%. We only stock product we love using in our own kits.

By purchasing your face painting kit and supplies from us, you are guaranteed to receive friendly, free advice from the professionals. Don’t hesitate to call if you need help putting a kit together.


Our artists love what they do and are constantly trying to figure out better ways to do things. We love having creative play days where we work on our portfolios or paint jams where we share tips & tricks with one another and learn from each other.

Don’t be afraid to organize a paint jam of your own, get a few creative artist friends together and paint away. Or how about reaching out to your network of local artists? You can all learn how other people do things, get creative and now’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone! Did we also suggest adding wine into the mix?


Tools of the trade we absolutely adore and are must haves are split cakes and fun strokes! Like the name suggests, one strokes can paint multiple colours at the same time using only one stroke. We recommend a wide 1inch brush for this! They make your designs really effective and stand out! We suggest you get yourself some face paint split cakes and try them out today.

Remember, practice makes perfect with face paint split cakes! Check out some of the artwork we have created using fun strokes and face paint split cakes.


With a network of experienced and professional artists, we can call on the finest, to give you the best advice and training! Call us today on NZ Free phone 0800 358 5002 and let’s get you on your way!

Most importantly – remember to have fun! It’s all about passion, it will show in your work!

We look forward to seeing some of your work, don’t hesitate to share!

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2 thoughts on “We Are Passionate About The World of Makeup, Practice Makes Perfect!

  1. Michelle says:

    Your work is gorgeous! Really love the frangipani flowers, one of my favourites. Keep up the good work.

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