DIY Halloween costume ideas – Out-do the pro’s

Looking for epic Halloween costume ideas? The search is over. If you are a keen on getting a little gruesome and a bit creative this Halloween, you are garaunteed to look fang-tastic with these fool-proof looks. We are giving away our trade secrets – with product suggestions for a look that’s DIY friendly and super effective. Stun your mates with a spooky look that takes minutes to create – and looks as if a professional did it.
With Tinsley Transfers you can create any gruesome or drop-dead gorgeous look that looks real, and only need water to apply. That’s right, all you need is a little H2O! Each prosthetic applies like a temporary tattoo, creating professional film ready looks has never been so easy. Ditch the zombie, Harley Quinn, Sexy Cat or Joker costume hiding in the cupboard, they’re tired and unoriginal – it is so easy now to create professional looks with prosthetics. Check out our top Halloween costume ideas that are DIY friendly for beginners.

DIY friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Stapled Face

  This Halloween costume idea is simple yet spectacularly spooky. Look as if you fell on an axe and only had office equipment to stitch yourself up. This look is a statement with minimal effort! Apply the prosthetic with a touch of water, add shadow to the creases of the skin and under the eyes, then dab blood around the wound, under the eyes and anywhere else you deem necessary. For blood application – volume is key. You may feel sticky, but a few drinks should make that insignificant.

Horned devil

Achieve this demonic look with the Tinsley FX Bone fracture transfer, use the glue in the kit to ensure it stays through all the boo’s, booze and boogies throughout the night. Add blood to desired area and grab the Mehron Bruise palette for smoky under eyes or bruised skin to perfect the gaunt, smoldering look. Save the palette in the cupboard for next time! Add a few veins for the strained ‘must eat a throat now’ illusion, and your look is complete.

Freshly posessed

This ghoulish look is made with the bright white contacts. If you can handle the lenses, no-one will be able to take their eyes off yours!
As always, pepper the face with gloops of thick blood, a gash to sell the ‘Tortured’ look and a very dark smokey eye. Purchase a bottle of wine to stain your old shirt, then drink the rest of course. At the end of this your stume’ should be sussed, you’ll be a little tipsy and you’ll look posessed. #Halloweensorted

Don’t feel restricted to the looks we’ve suggested – go for gold and get creative! Browse through the different prosthetics we offer and make something entirely unique, as gory or as understated as you wish. Go solo and stun your mates, or, get your pals involved and have a gore station set-up whilst you pre-drink before your big night!

Watch this video tutorial for tips on how to Tinsley FX Transfers

There ain’t no rest for the wicked. Make this Halloween epic, use the promo code below for free shipping when buying Tinsley Fx products! Halloween is just around the corner, ensure your gory get-up ASAP.