Need some disturbingly deadly look ideas for Halloween this year? Wanting to look gory but don’t want to pay big bucks?? Look no further! We have some fang-tastic ideas that are easy-peasy and look incredible – from professional experience! 

As makeup & SFX artists we’ve scooped up the best tips, tricks and products for effective looks that are easy to do – especially if we are under time pressure and need to bust through queues!

We’ve gathered together a few product ideas that are all re-usable and easy to apply at home. If you use just one of these products correctly you’re garaunteed to turn heads, using all 3 you will 100% win best dressed and probably send a few people home crying in fear!




Tinsley Transfers

Tinsley Transfers are perfect for creating effective and gruesome looks that your friends will think you’d hired a professional! Not only are they super easy to apply, we have a huge range to suit whatever characer you want to create! These are amazing because they only require water to apply, and have beautiful soft edges that make them seem super realistic! No more fussing with sticky glue, splatter some fake blood around the area and you’re good to go!

Have a look at a few of the optons below!

Contact Lenses

Conact lenses are an amazing way to make your look go from basic to un-beatable! The simple coloured lense makes you look other worldy in an instant, and are easy to apply without having sticky stuff on your face all night!

We have a huge variation of exciting options to choose from! 

  • Werewolf
  • Beast
  • Jurassic Park
  • Posessed 
  • Zombie 
  • X-Ray 

And many more! Click the product link below to see!

$39.00$49.00 incl GST


Teeth completely step up your game and really pull the whole look together! Sink your teeth into some of the products below! Our favourite are the invasion teeth… 

If you got any of these items you’re pretty much set! Pair with an old ripped shirt – we reccomend a quick splatter with red dye and a quick hair tease! 

Or, If all of this seems a bit too much efort – pay us to do it for you! Our Gory Team can come in, apply your special effects and gore without you needing to lift a finger! you can sip your boo’s and let us do all the work for you! Have a look at some reviews and Halloween work below, and click the button to book!

Good luck – and creep it real!

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