Halloween Makeup Ideas Which Shock & Scare!

Forget wearing a plastic mask because we’ve got the best Halloween makeup ideas for you to experiment with this October! Gory and gruesome, horrifying and scary, we’ll share our top ideas on makeup to ensure this Halloween is one you’ll never forget!

Top Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids & Adults

Do you find yourself eagerly anticipating the 31st October each year? Us too! While we love all our face painting and FX makeup, we have a special place reserved for the palette we use a lot of during October. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend time creating realistic works of art on people?!

As professional FX makeup artists, we’re often asked for ideas on both face and body paint for Halloween. So, we decided to share with you some our favourite Halloween makeup ideas.

  • Zombie Apocalypse – where would Halloween be without the sight of zombies dragging themselves through town, accompanied by low moaning? First up, get yourself our Zombie Pack, filled with everything you’ll need to ensure your face looks decayed and gruesome. Apply your makeup to first achieve a pale corpse looking base, then start layering upon it. Darken under your eyes and over your cheekbones to perfect the gaunt look. Take a look at our zombie makeup video for more great tips and ideas! To complete your zombie look, remember to wear ripped clothing covered in fake blood. 

Zombie Cheekbones

  • Zombie Makeup Tinsley Transfers – okay, we can’t get enough when it comes to zombies at Halloween. Bring some extra gruesomeness to your zombie makeup using these amazing prosthetics! Incredibly realistic and super easy to use, they are idea for your trick or treating. Take a look at our video for more information on how to apply them professionally.

  • Pop Art Comic Book Look – for something a bit different, try a pop art makeup look. We’ve got some amazing photos of pop art makeup for you to get inspired with too.
  • Bleeding Eyes – if you’re not into wearing costumes, but still want to join in the fun, then this simple bleeding eyes Halloween makeup look is for you. Cover your face in a white foundation, add grey face paint around your cheekbones and eyes. Add darker highlights around your eyes in black, adding congealed FX blood as if it was dripping from your eyes like tears would.
  • Wounds & Scars – leaving the most gruesome to last, why not try prosthetics? Incredibly realistic, they add that extra frightening element to your overall appearance. They’re easy to use too, even if you’re a beginner! Take a read of our article The Magic Brush Halloween Prosthetics to learn more about how to apply and remove them.

What Halloween makeups ideas do you think you’ll try this October? Of course, you don’t need to wait until then to give them a go! Visit our online face and body makeup shop now!