Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead and Sugar skull makeup has been on-trend and hot for Halloween for the last few years. We have reason to believe it will be popular this year too! Are you game to give this super easy look a go yourself too? Want a Day of the Dead makeup that you can do yourself? DIY your Halloween costume and Halloween makeup this year!

The Magic Brush are here to make your life easier and help you with your Halloween preparation by putting together a Day of the Dead Makeup Kit just for you!

We have selected everything you need to DIY at home with paints, glitter, stencils and gems to really get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or have never touched paint in your life you can still create your own beautiful designs using colours that you choose, and the stencils will help you out with making your designs look like the professionals!

TIP: If your not happy with your lines work, or you make a mistake or just aren’t happy with something you have done; a little glitter and gems are great for hiding imperfections 😉 Not only do they shine with lighting in the evening and in candle-light, sparkles are the key to impressing your friends! 

Makeup Kit

Your Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup Kit Includes:
4 Diamond FX Face Paints (pick your own colours)
Holographic Glitter (10ml or 50ml)
BadAss mini stencil (optional)
Round Pointed Brush (sizes 2, 4 or 6)
Round Pointed Brush or Flat Split Cake Brush (sizes 2, 4 or 6 or ½ inch, ¾ inch or 1 inch)


What’s super cool about our kits is the options to pick your own colours, brush sizes, make some products optional, the 10% discount on every item and of course the option to add free gems!


Step by step instructions:

Depending on what kind of look you are going for can depend on where you would like to start. For example, if you want a full beauty smokey eye where you are going to be using lots of powders I would suggest doing your eyes before you start to prevent fall out on your white base.

If your want your eyes to just be one deep colour, you can do so just with paint meaning you can get straight in to painting your white base.

The white base is best achieved with a sponge, dabbing all over the face creating a nice even coverage, depending on your paint you and your water to paint ratio you may need two layers keeping in mind too much build up of paint can cause cracking.

I like to then go over the white paint with a beautiful white or pearlescent highlighter to add a subtle shimmer.


HINT: By wetting your sponge you are avoiding putting water into your face paints to prevent making them too wet and muddy. Remove as much water from your sponge before putting it into your paint.

The standard day of the dead eyes are following the natural shape of your eye sockets, making the inside deep and dark and then decorating in a circle with dots, or designs around the eye sockets.

Next step let’s do the nose, this is a similar shape on any day of the dead makeup as we are just copying the shape of a skull nose and painting this in black, it looks almost like a pointed hoof print.

Teeth. There are so many varieties of teeth designs you could choose for your look, the two most common options are painting a line along both the bottom and top lips and out the cheeks like a big smile and either painting the teeth in individually or just straight lines intersecting your smile line getting smaller the further out the cheeks you go. The second option is great for if you are in a hurry, wanting a simpler look or wanting to wear a colorful lipstick!

HINT: Black eyeshadow other products like Mehron Starblend (black) are great for shading, especially for male sugar skulls where they want something a bit scarier you can do this whole process in just black and white and keeping your girly designs to a minimum.

Designs! Because with a sugar skull / day of the dead makeup can vary so much I will just outline tips and guides to designing the remaining features of your face paint. Like any makeup there are key areas of the face that we will be focusing on, starting with the forehead, at the moment there is lots of room on the forehead for a focus design to be placed, commonly a spider’s web or flower arrangement is placed here however the more creative the better!

Stencils are also super easy, quick to use and look really effective. Just make sure your paint is fully dry before the next layer is applied. Also make sure your sponge isn’t too wet to prevent bleeding of colours.

Contouring, to contour this make up you can use colors in either powder or paint depending on if you would like it blended or in bold lines. This is another great place to add some swirly designs over your colorful contour.

The chin is the last place for a statement design, commonly a small flower design but anything goes.

The rest of the face can be filled with swirls and twirls, dots, teardrops, shading, flowers, just have fun, use your stencils if you aren’t confident with free hand designing! Fill your face or leave it simple there is no right or wrong.

Lets finish this makeup off with some glitter and gems and a flower crown never hurt anyone!! I like to put glitter on the eyes and the flower designs. Adding gems or diamante’s to your design can also set you apart from the rest!

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you’ve tried this Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts! 

You can purchase this Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup kit here!